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“Changing the Faces of American Politics: From the Civil Rights Movement to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama”
Explores how the Civil Right Movement and subsequent legislation (Civil Rights Act; Voting Rights Act) has led to a more inclusive political arena for African Americans and for women.

“Gender, Race, and Immigration in the United States: Identities and Attitudes”
Examines gender and racial attitudes in public opinion regarding immigration issues of amnesty for illegal immigrants, border control, and the denial of citizenship to U.S. born children with illegal immigrant parents.

"The Immigration Debate as Viewed Through the Prism of Social Justice"
Offers a critique of the major policy proposals currently pending before the Congress and suggests alternatives more likely to address root causes, grounded in the universal ideals of equity, fairness, and opportunity.

"Civics and Civility: Why Cooperation and Participation Matter"
Focuses on student activism and civic engagement. Highlights the importance of non-partisan, student-run political organizations on university campuses and the role that young people must play in politics as the future leaders of this nation.

"The Pink Revolution: Female Representation in National Parliaments"
Identifies political, socio-economic, and cultural factors that explain the variations in the number of women in national parliaments globally.

"Women in American Politics: From Exclusion to Protest, to Participants, to Policymakers"
Identifies the ongoing development of women's participation in government and discusses the varied roles attained and denied women in the U.S.

"Making the Constitution work From the Grassroots"
Explores historical and contemporary examples of citizen activists who have successfully advocated changes in policy and/or fundamental reforms at the international, national, state and local levels.

"Altruism: A True Measure of Success"
Challenges the notion that success can only be measured in dollars and cents.

"Rounding the Table: Women As Consensus Builders"
Examines the collaborative style of some female leaders and explores potential differences in the leadership styles, management styles and policy preferences of men and women.

"Different Faces, Different Priorities: Agenda-Setting Behavior of African Americans and Women in legislative Bodies"
Focuses on the policy preferences of African Americans, women, and then examines African American women as a distinct group from both African Americans and women.

"Quilting A Network: Diversifying for Success"
Addresses the need for more women and minorities in higher education. Emphasizes the necessity of respecting the inherent strengths of diversity, and valuing the worth of every individual, respecting and honoring the wisdom, resources and collegiality of every human being, regardless of their cultural backgrounds.

"Strange Fruit: Reflections on the African American Experience"
Discussion of African American exceptionalism and contributions that African Americans have made to American society in the face of overwhelming discrimination and systemic exclusion.

"Strengthening the Spine of Democracy: How Women are Changing the Face of Sub-Saharan African Politics"
Discussion of the potential causes for the increasing number of female representatives in Sub-Saharan African politics, despite being one of the poorest regions in the world.

"The Illusion of Pluralist Inclusion: Class Bias in American Political Participation"
Details how income and education affect political participation and challenges the notion of pluralism in American politics.

"Pink at the Roots: How Female Leadership is Changing America for The Better, One Locality at a Time"
Examines ways in which women have routinely taken the lead in shaping their local communities and how their efforts have often lead to electoral success on the local, state and national levels.