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Adams Political Research & Consulting, is a political research, advocacy and consulting firm that provides expert advice to political candidates running for federal, state, and large constituency local offices who require a competitive edge on issues and their opponents. We specialize in opposition and issues research, message development and delivery, candidate enhancement strategies, focus group facilitation, field organization and grassroots advocacy.

Dr. Kimberly S. Adams, President and Managing Director of Adams Political Research & Consulting, offers a unique consultancy perspective from the scholar/activist approach. As a professor of political science who has worked as an activist at the local, state, and federal levels, she is well prepared to provide accurate and up to date advice. She has a disciplined commitment to excellence in service to her clients by providing them with thoroughly researched, tested, and vetted political advice, based on the broadest possible range of reliable and verifiable information, with a scholar's attention to detail.


“Thank you so much for speaking to our students at this Spring’s Commencement Ceremony! You did an amazing job and we received nothing but positive feedback from staff and students alike.”
-Sara Mahoney, Assistant Director of Student Life, The Washington Center

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! You were wonderful! It meant so much to the students and to the guests.

One guest, Alia, said to me "I wish I could go into a classroom everyday and have Kimberly as my professor. I feel so politically motivated now."

You have left your mark and inspired others. I look forward to seeing you on panels this spring at Columbia!"
-Sandra Coyle. Director of Womin Politics & Advisory Board Member, Columbia Political Union

"As a featured speaker at our major annual event, Dr. Adams addressed more than six hundred elected officials and activists, including four governors. Her presentation on the life of Fannie Lou Hamer set the tone for the event, our first year to recognize the contributions of Mrs. Hamer by adding her name to the title of the Jefferson-Jackson-Hamer Dinner. Dr. Adams both reminded Mrs. Hamer's contemporaries of her impact and introduced this legendary figure to those who never met her with a concise, informative and moving tribute. Kimberly truly made the evening a salute to Fannie Lou Hamer."
- Rickey Cole, Chairman of the Mississippi Democratic Party (2001-2004); Currently: President of Mississippi Policy Forum

"Dr. Kimberly Adams is one of the most powerful leaders I have had the pleasure of hearing speak on the importance of women's political participation in the campaign to elect women to the U.S. Presidency."
- Mosemarie Boyd, Spokesperson for American Women Presidents

"Dr. Kimberly Adams energized and captivated our global student body at the the Women's Campaign School at Yale University. Her speaking style communicated her analysis and information in an authoritative, yet accessible way. She is a brilliant researcher, a compelling speaker, and reaches out to her audience. We will invite her back to WCS again."
- Martha Sterling-Golden, President, Women's Campaign School at Yale

"I had the privilege of attending Dr. Adams' lectures on several occasions: conferences in Salzburg, Chicago, and the lecture she delivered to my students at the University in Rijeka. Dr Adams' approach to her subject-matter showed a young woman whose speech could not leave anybody indifferent. She spoke with assurance, candor, and passion not often associated with academic settings. Her speeches are powerful, inspiring and had an obvious positive impact on her audience."
- Dr. Branka Kalogjera, associate professor, Department of English, University of Rijeka, Croatia